Outdated Style Rules You No Longer Need to Follow

Don’t Mix Black and Navy

As is the case with several other outdated rules, this comes via old school suiting regulations. Back in the day, wearing a navy suit with black shoes was viewed as a clash in both color and formality, as black shoes were more for formal and “black tie” events. But lucky for us living in 2014, designers from Calvin Klein to Ovadia & Sons have been breaking this rule for years now. And if you want an even more trusted institution to follow, just turn Uncle Sam. The U.S. Navy uniform combines a navy blue suit with black shoes.

Men Don’t Wear Shorts

Simply put, there’s an old belief that men should not wear shorts. This dates back to more formal periods of dress when men always wore pants, no matter how hot it was or what the activity was. But in World War II, shorts became part of the permitted uniform in the warmer climates. GIs brought the practice home, and guys started to wear shorts more casually in the States.

And yet, it’s still widely-held amongst some circles that men still shouldn’t wear shorts except at the beach and while playing sports. One big reason that may contribute to this outdated belief is that typically, guys have opted for insanely poorly-fitting shorts every summer. While we’re certainly not arguing that guys should oblige to an old-fashion rule that prohibits guys from showing their calves, guys should try to avoid anything that would be considered manpris or super short-shorts. If your shorts, whether at the backyard BBQ or on the basketball court, hover somewhere around top of the knee, you should be all good.