In recent years we have seen the debut and subsequent conquest of the smart phone over many devices which had once been held in high esteem by men of adventure, business, and leisure alike. The wristwatch has seen some of the worst of it. Even in the world of everyday carry, people constantly seem to wonder why they should bother wearing such a purpose-specific item when they nearly always carry around something which can fulfill all the same functions and more. We understand that sentiment. Although we are always interested in finding ways to streamline our EDC, we still believe that a wristwatch is an indispensable addition to your daily arsenal. And here’s why.


Watches are convenient. Whichever side of the fence you presently stand on regarding them – enthusiast or opponent – you cannot argue the ease with which you can tell the time on a wristwatch versus that of a cell phone. Rather than digging your phone out of your pocket conspicuously – and often rudely – just steal a quick glance at your wrist and you can garner the same information. They can go with you places that your phone may not be able to, such as the gym, on a hike, to the beach, or in a long afternoon meeting and the batteries last for much longer than a cell phone charge. And you’re less likely to drop and break one, as they typically attach securely to your wrist.


So much of our daily lives are enveloped by a need to tell time in one way or another. Whether you need to just keep track of the hours as they tick by or if you require the ability to count up or down, you can do that – and more – with a good everyday carry wristwatch. That kind of preparation gives you an advantage over people who don’t wear one. A solid watch is more than just a neat accessory, it’s a temporal multitool that can keep you on track – whether you’re running to work or running to beat your personal lap record. And it seems pretty cool to be wearing a monument to human achievement which predates computers by literally hundreds of years.


Watches are functional pieces of artwork and are not something to be written off as strictly frivolous or kitschy. Their design and construction are things to be respected and they take a significant amount of skill, dedication, and attention to detail in order to be built. In regards to utility, the craftsmanship surrounding the creation of a watch may not seem like something of great import, but it is, as watches are simply clunky bracelets without it. Every watch represents centuries of history in regards to both the makers individually and humankind in general and should serve to inspire and remind you of how far we have come as a species. Perhaps it comes across as somewhat sentimental, but we find great value in heritage and progress.